Oakdale, better known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” is filled with western heritage and is renowned for rich agricultural farmland, cattle ranches, and professional rodeo cowboys who call Oakdale home. The community of Oakdale is situated along the banks of the Stanislaus River on the eastern edge of California’s Great Central Valley. A city of approximately 22,000 connects to a history rich in its rural ranching and equestrian heritage.

Photo by Kevin Fox

Photo by Kevin Fox

The climate of Oakdale is typical of the Central Valley, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The average temperatures range from 46 degrees to 80 degrees. Rainfall is moderate, averaging about 12 to 14 inches per year, and occurs primarily during the winter months (November through March).

Throughout all four seasons, Oakdale serves as a gateway to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range; where unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities and natural beauty abounds. As an emerging small urban setting, Oakdale is also home to a growing number of manufacturing firms including Ball Industries, ConAgra Foods, and Sconza Candy Company. Oakdale is 37.46 North in lattitue and 120.51 West in longitude.  It is 97 miles East of San Francisco, 78 miles South of Sacramento, and 93 miles to Yosemite National Park.

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19 churches; 1 library; 1 weekly newspaper; 1 daily newspaper; 7 TV channels received direct; 1 TV cable system (Comcast); 7 banks; 17 parks; 8 playgrounds. Other recreation facilities include: 8 tennis courts; 1 private golf course; 1 swimming pool; 9 baseball diamonds, 6 horseshoe pits; 1 volleyball court, 3 basketball courts, 3 soccer fields and nearby lakes for fishing, boating and water sports. Within a two-hour drive, one can be in San Francisco, on the ocean beaches, or enjoy year-round activities in the Sierras.


Learn more about the Oakdale School District: 4 elementary schools, 1 junior high school, 1 high school, 1 charter high school, 1 continuation high school, and 2 rural.California State University, Stanislaus, is located 28 miles south of Oakdale, Modesto Junior Colleges is about 13 miles South/West. Columbia College also offers some classes on Oakdale High School’s campus.

Electric Power

Pacific Gas & Electric Company – For rates applicable to the City of Oakdale, contact the PG&E office located at 285 North Third Avenue, Oakdale, CA 95361, Phone 1-800-743-5000.


Healthcare – Oak Valley Hospital– Oakdale has 1 general hospital with 150 bed capacity; 2 community health centers, 2 residential care facilities, 1 skilled nursing facility, 24 physician/surgeons; 12 dentists; 4 optometrists, and 8 chiropractors.

Housing Availability, Prices, and Rentals

Rentals for one and two bedroom apartments and duplexes range from $575 to $875 per month.Rentals for two and three bedroom houses range from $850 to $1400 per month. Median price range for houses sold in Oakdale, in 2008, were $300,000. There are suburban areas within 4 miles of Oakdale; offering home prices from $150,000 to $1,000,000 plus.

There are 5 motels with 200 rooms within the community area. There are 5 mobile home parks in the community area.

Source: California Association of Realtors

Natural Gas

Pacific Gas & Electric Company – For rates applicable to the City of Oakdale contact the PG&E office located at 285 North Third Avenue, Oakdale, CA 95361, Phone 1-800-743-5000.

Sewer Supply

City of Oakdale – Capacity of sewer plant: 2.5 million gallon per day. Peak flow: 5 million gallons per day
Sewer service charge: Yes. On what basis rated? Flow and B.O.D.
Type of treatment plant: Primary and Secondary
Facilities for non recoverable industrial waste water: No.
Sewer connection charges: $625 Residential

Street Improvements

Dedication requirements: Minimum 50′, Maximum 100′ R/W (Specific Plan Areas allow various widths).
Improvement requirements: Curb, gutter and sidewalk; water, sewer, gas, electric, cable television, and stones.
Minimum 4″ A.B and 2 A.C. Street Section.


There are several means of transportation in Oakdale:

Air – 12 miles to Modesto Airport, 27 miles to Stockton, and executive/company flights out of Oakdale Airport.

Buses – Stanislaus County Transit, 1-800-262-1516 and Riverbank, Oakdale Transit Authority; (ROTA) or Trolley, (209) 869-7444

Railroad – Burlington-Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, and Sierra R.R. (with reciprocal switching) and Connections for all points

Trucking – all major Southern and Northern California carriers available with day or overnight delivery to nearly all points in the U.S.

Water – 30 miles to Port of Stockton; Highways – State Highways 108 and 120, 15 miles to U.S. 99, and 28 miles to Interstate 5.

 Water Supply

City of Oakdale – Maximum Pumping Capacity:  16.2 million gal./day; Average consumption:  3.4 mg./day; Cost per 1,000 gallons in quantities of 100,000 gallons/month 0.65; Cost per 1,000 gallons in quantities of 1,000,000 gallon/month: 0.47; Water connection charges $3.00/Frontage Foot plus Service Cost plus $10 turn on fee plus $75 deposit. Service cost is $650 up to 1″; over 1″ is time and material.