Business & Youth Day

(Thursday, February 25, 2021)

Oakdale High School Senior Students (95361 zip code) complete an Business/Vocational/ Ag  Scholarship Application for possible scholarship consideration through the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce.  Application deadline has been extended to Wednesday, January 6th, 2021. On Thursday, February 25th the Oakdale Chamber gives an opportunity to those students to job shadow with a business associate in the field they are interested in pursuing. A luncheon is held later that day at the Gene Bianchi Community Center (located at 110 S. Second Ave., Oakdale). During the luncheon, the participating students do a presentation on what they have learned from their mentor. A panel of judges evaluate their applications,  presentations, and their mentors also evaluate them to determine the highest scoring of the scholarships.

Six scholarships are offered totaling $4,000; four business and two agricultural. Have your student and/or a student you know apply. It’s a wonderful learning program that allows students an opportunity to see what they may want to pursue; all while having the opportunity to possibly be presented with a scholarship!

Testimonials from 2019 Scholarship Winners

“Thank you so much for your generous support to help further my education. The money will financially help me attend Northern Oklahoma College next year where I will be continuing my livestock judging career. It is support like yours that keeps the future bright.”
“Thank you so much for choosing me to receive this scholarship. I truly loved the experience of job shadowing and that alone made the scholarship worth applying to. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity for me and other students in the community. I truly cherish this scholarship and I plan on using it to advance and jump start my education and career. As I move forward, however, I will not forget this tremendous community from which I come.”
“I am so glad to have had the opportunity to participate in the job shadow aspect of this scholarship. It was an eye opening and educational experience. It has confirmed my passion for Environmental Science in which I will be studying this fall at UC Santa Barbara! Thank you for awarding me this scholarship and supporting my education. It was an honor getting to participate and receive your scholarship. Thank you so much.”
“I’m incredibly humbled and thankful of not only receiving this scholarship, but also of having the opportunity to job shadow the solar company, 1st Light. The expensive was irreplaceable and I still ponder over what I’ve learned to this day. It was also gratifying to share my experience and inspiring, to say the very least, to listen to those of other students. Because of your kindness, this scholarship will undoubtedly help me maximize my education at UC Berkeley this fall as an undeclared engineer. It won’t go to waste! Thank you truly for your generosity! “
“Thank you very much for the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce Scholarship! I deeply appreciate everyone’s generosity in helping me continue my education. Thank you to all the judges who took the time out to read through our applications and listening to our presentations!! I learned a lot from this and am glad to be representing this scholarship. I will be using this scholarship to further my education at UC Berkeley, majoring in cell and developmental biology! Thank you once again!”