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Taste of Oakdale is Good Marketing

TO Floor 209 Magazine AdThe Taste of Oakdale is a marketing opportunities for those in the food and beverage industry. It’s an opportunity to showcase your products and give the public a chance to taste just how amazing your product is. The Oakdale Chamber wants to promote the industry and encourage citizens to Shop Oakdale. We try to make the vendor fees cover expenses of the booth and facility and spend our dollars wisely on marketing and promoting the event. We ask the guest to rate the best beverage, favorite dessert, favorite restaurant and best overall. It is great bragging rights for your business along with a plaque to hang showcasing your title for years to come.

This year we have added radio to our previous advertising efforts. KATM Country will have a live remote starting at 4pm to 6pm which will help capture the audiences on their way home from work and help redirect them to our event. We will continue to advertise in the Oakdale Leader, Modesto Bee, Oakdale Direct Magazine and other publications. We will continue to use social media and direct email in a grassroots effort to promote the event.

If you own a restaurant or catering service that provides food to the residents of Oakdale then you qualify to be a vendor. As a member of the Chamber you qualify for a discounted rate. Vendors are to provide a selection of small “tastes” of your food and beverage. You can offer as many as you like in quantities that work for you. Appetizers, main entrees and desserts provide guests an array of unique tasting experiences that will entice them into your location for more. Join the Oakdale Chamber Taste of Oakdale as a vendor today!

Download the 2016 Vendor Application

Tips for your business: Being found on Google

From the mail bag comes a question from one our members:

I often get cold called by a company that claims to be Google. They want a lot of money to get me in Google search results. What should I do?

We’ve heard continued reports recently of an increase of these types of calls. We reached out to Justin Ribeiro, Chamber president and a Google Developer Expert at Chamber member Stickman Ventures Inc.

“Google doesn’t cold call businesses and they do not guarantee search placement.” said Justin via email. “Any company claiming to be able to place you at the top of Google results for money should not be trusted; Google specifically addresses this in their documentation for webmasters.”

What should a business do to help be found on Google?

“Google has a substantial amount of free resources for businesses and taking just a little bit of time to go through the steps goes a long way to be better found by customers on the web.”

One of the free resources that you can use today is Google My Business, a site setup to walk you through the steps to be better found on the web.

Want all the information in a one page printable sheet to take? We’ve created a Google Doc (Link: Tip Being Found on Google) that you can print and read to get started.

Re-designed, secure and more

The Oakdale Chamber of Commerce has recently gone through a set of technological changes that we hope will make finding information easier here at Some of the new changes include:

  1. A new mobile ready design. With 56% of US consumers using smartphones and 92% using the mobile web daily, you can’t ignore the mobile experience. We’ve taken care to make sure we can get you the data you need, anywhere.
  2. Secure from the ground up.  Adopting HTTPS (HTTP over TLS, or Transport Layer Security) only made sense given the increase of security breaches all over the web. This security allows us to make sure data we post reaches you as intended.
  3. Better business listings. Our members now appear better in our site search, making it faster to find business information and more.
  4. Better events calendar. Our events calendar is now powered by Google Calendars, allowing not only an easy to maintain solution, but also a significantly easier way for you to use our calendar by adding events directly onto you calendar, no copy and paste needed.
  5. The latest news, blog style. Stay up to date by visiting either our existing social channels or our new site blog. We’ll be posting announcements and more, so stay tuned.

We will continue to make improvements and fixes with the site as time goes by. We hope that this lays the foundation for better engaging with businesses, community and more as we start 2015.

Happy Holidays!